LoBasso Packaging provides a wide selection of ISO Certified pallet stretch wraps. Our full line of hybrid / engineered films have superior load retention for tighter packaging to reduce shifting while shipping. Full product protection reduces breaks while on-the-go.

Machine grade stretch films have a two side cling that stretches up to 225% with excellent puncture resistance.

Our stretch film with handles means no dispenser is required. The extended core is essential for quiet wrapping and provided excellent clarity to the wrap.

Pre stretched films are offered for less user strain hand application and is more economical and reliable. Recommended Hand Saver Dispenser to wrap irregular loads.

Products include:
  • Machine Films
  • Hand Films
  • Stretch Film with Handles
  • Stretch Film Dispensers
  • Stretch Film Machines
  • 3” & 5” Mini Rolls
  • Banding Films
  • Black-Out Security Wrap

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